Frequently Asked Questions

My cat is very old, is it welcome?
Alicattery welcomes elderly cats. By elderly, we mean cats that are over fifteen years old. Under fifteen, and we only class them as middle aged! Extra special care, special diets, cosy bedding and heating and medication can be given, all at no extra charge.

My cat is very young, is it welcome?
Kittens adapt readily to the cattery and, provided that they are fully vaccinated, they can visit from twelve weeks old. We hope that if they visit us from kittenhood, they will continue to board with us throughout their lives. Please bring plenty of toys for your kittens to play with.

I'm worried about leaving my cat in a cattery, will it be okay?
Your cat will be safe and secure with us while you are away. You will worry about your cat far more than it will worry about being in the cattery. Cats do not have a concept of time, so once they have settled in, the length of stay is unimportant to them.

What vaccinations does my cat need?
Your cat must be vaccinated against:

  • feline panleucopenia,
  • feline viral rhinotracheitis,
  • feline calicivirus.

These are covered by the 'flu and enteritis' vaccine, which must be boosted annually. We would also recommend that you vaccinate against feline leukaemia.

What if my cat requires veterinary attention?
Your cat can be seen by your own veterinary surgeon or our own vet (Elizabeth Smith BVetMed MRCVS) who provides twenty-four hour cover.